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Lake Hancock

Hancock, Lake


located within Peace River Watershed


Explore general as well as scientific information about the movement, chemistry and biology of area surface water environments.

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Water Quality Sampling Sites
Hydrology Sampling Sites
Other Sampling Sites

Vegetation Sampling

Vegetation sampling is the identification and quantification of plant species and communities. Vegetation sampling is a tool used in environmental assessments and can inform a myriad of assessment goals including biomass availability, water quality concerns, management benchmarks, and determining the introduction and establishment of invasive species. Sampling can be conducted via destructive or non-destructive methods. Learn more about vegetation sampling from the links and documents listed below.

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Grass Carp Permits

Grass Carp Permits

Grass carp are fish that are used to control nuisance aquatic vegetation (Hydrilla, etc.). Click on the permit information link to visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for more information about the Triploid Grass Carp stocking program. Learn more about grass carp permits »

Stocking Date Number of Individuals Stocked Target (at initial stocking) Primary Use (at initial stocking)
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