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FGCU professor says Caloosahatchee River blue-green algae sample tests positive

Green gunk is starting to build up again in the Caloosahatchee River at the W.P. Franklin Lock & Dam in Alva. WINK News exclusively took a sample to place under an expert’s microscope to generate much-wanted answers. After being tested, an FGCU professor said he knows exactly what the results mean.

Dr. Toshi Urakawa said the tested sample of blue-green algae shows positive for cyanobacteria Monday.

“This is microcystis aruganosa,” Urakawa said. “They are coming back again.”

Microsystis is the microorganism that makes up algae. The individual cells form colonies. In high concentrations, they create the thick, smelly blooms that devastated Southwest Florida in 2018.