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Reminder: Fireworks can negatively impact nesting sea turtles and hatchlings

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY – Charlotte County Parks & Natural Resources reminds beach patrons that fireworks are a source of artificial light and will cause sea turtle hatchlings to disorient, leading to adult and hatchling injury and death.

Activities disruptive to marine turtles are prohibited according to Section 3-5-302.

The following activities are prohibited on the beach from sunset to sunrise during nesting season for the protection of nesting females, nests and hatchling marine turtles.

The building of campfires or bonfires, any transient lighting which purposely and flagrantly illuminates a nesting zone, sea turtles, or hatchlings. This prohibition does not apply to individuals with appropriate permits from federal or state agencies.

For information, contact Alexandria Grant at Alexandria.Grant@CharlotteCountyFL.gov or 941-613-3218