Water Clarity Report Details

Shown below is a list of all sampling locations represented within the most recent year's Water Clarity Report Card along with relevant location and sampling information. Data for individual sampling location(s) can be acquired with the Data Download tool by specifying the Station identifier, Data Source, characteristic, and sampling date range.

  • Report Year - Year of the currently displayed Water Clarity Report Card
  • Station - When combined with Data Source, a unique station identifier
  • Data Source - Identifies the data provider that conducted the sampling, each code can be used with our Data Download application to retrieve all related data
  • Grid - Identifies the grid cell where the sampling was conducted; estuarine sampling by the Coastal Charlotte Harbor Monitoring Network within the CHNEP study area is probabilistic, with sampling locations chosen using a randomized system within numbered grid cells. (Although other Data Sources may use a different system to select sampling location(s), the grid cell ID is provided for reference.)
  • Water Resource - Identifies the water body where sampling was performed; each waterbody has a related Water Atlas page with additional information
  • Turbidity, Chlorophyll a, Apparent Color, and True Color - Displays the min/max values for each of the four components of the Water Clarity Report Card
  • Period of Record - Identifies the range of dates for which data is available for the sampling location
Report Year Station Data Source Grid Water Resource Turbidity Chlorophyll a Apparent Color True Color Period of Record