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Water Resources in the Estero Bay Basin

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type County S-T-R
Airport Canal (1)   Pond Lee 36-45-25
Airport Canal (2)   Pond Lee 4-46-25
Avalon Preserve   Lake Lee 34-45-24
Big Bayou   River Lee N/A¹
Bridge Town (97.1)   Pond Lee 11-45-25
Bridge Town (97.2)   Pond Lee 12-45-25
Bridge Town (97.3)   Pond Lee 11-45-25
Brookshire   Lake Lee 19-45-25
Carrell Canal   River Lee N/A¹
Cedar Lake   Lake Lee 16-46-25
Corkscrew Woodland   Lake Lee 35-46-25
Cow Creek   River Lee N/A¹
Crown Colony   Pond Lee 03-46-24
Crown Colony (1)   Pond Lee 03-46-24
Estero Bay   Bay Sarasota N/A¹
Estero River   River Lee N/A¹
Fred Geist   Pond Lee 32-45-25
Gateway Communities (90.1)   Pond Lee 03-45-25
Gateway Communities (90.4)   Pond Lee 06-45-26
Gateway Communities (90.5)   Pond Lee 07-45-26
Gateway Communities (90.83)   Pond Lee 05-45-26
Gator Lake   Lake Lee 8-45-25
Grassy Pond   Lake Lee 12-46-23
Gulf of Mexico   Gulf N/A
Halfway Creek   River Lee N/A¹
Hawthorne (99.1)   Pond Lee 24-47-25
Hawthorne (99.4)   Pond Lee 26-47-25
Hawthorne (99.6)   Pond Lee 26-47-25
Hawthorne (99.8)   Pond Lee 26-47-25
Hendry Creek   River Lee N/A¹
Heritage Palm (2)   Pond Lee 32-44-25
Heritage Palm (3)   Pond Lee 07-45-25
Heritage Palm (4)   Pond Lee 04-45-25
Imperial River   River Lee N/A¹
Island Preserve   Pond Lee 18-45-25
Kehl Canal   River Lee N/A¹
King Pond   Pond Lee 14-47-25
Lakes Park Lake   Lake Lee 23-45-24
Leisure Time Park in Bonita   Lake Lee 8-45-25
Leitner Creek   River Lee N/A¹
Lily Lake   Lake Lee 15-46-25
Linda Ponader Pond   Pond Lee 17-45-25
Meadow Brook Lakes   Pond Lee 08-47-25
Mud Creek   River Lee N/A¹
Mullock Creek   River Lee N/A¹
North Colonial Waterway   River Lee N/A¹
Oak Creek   River Lee N/A¹
Parker Lakes (Enclave)   Pond Lee 28-45-24
Pelican Landing   Pond Lee 18-46-25
Pelican Preserve   Lake Lee 02-45-25
Pelican Preserve (7)   Lake Lee 35-44-25
Rose Apple Lake   Lake Lee 15-46-25
San Carlos Bay   Bay Sarasota N/A¹
Sanibel View   Lake Lee 11-46-23
Six Mile Cypress Creek   River Lee 20-45-25
Southwind   Pond Lee 10-46-24
Spring Creek   River Lee N/A¹
Spruce Lake   Lake Lee 16-46-25
Stone Bridge   Pond Lee 03-46-24
Stone Bridge (1)   Lake Lee 03-46-24
Stone Bridge (2)   Pond Lee 3-46-24
Tenmile Canal   River Lee N/A¹
The Harborage (East)   Lake Lee 7-46-25
The Harborage (West)   Lake Lee 7-46-25
Wellington   Pond Lee 03-46-24
Whiskey Creek   River Lee N/A¹
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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