Data & Analysis

These tools help you to find, acquire, analyze, display and understand water resource data.

Use this tool to find any water resource on any Water Atlas by its name (or alias), or to discover which Atlas pages have information about a particular topic (e.g., historic information, artificial reefs, or nutrient chemistry). Get Started ›

This tool allows you to select water quality, hydrology, or rainfall information from any Atlas. Download raw data tables for use in your own analyses and reports, or let the Data Download tool do the graphing for you. Get Started ›

Southwest Florida's tidal creeks are the vital hydrologic link between estuaries and their watersheds. These assessments of selected creeks characterize their vegetation, bathymetry and bottom hardness. Get Started ›

How has water quality changed over time? This page tracks the trends of water quality related to nutrient pollution. Get Started ›

This multi-agency hydrologic restoration project aims to restore freshwater flow to tidal creeks that flow into Charlotte Harbor. Get Started ›

Metadata identifies data providers, tells where, when, and how often data is collected, and reveals caveats related to its use. Access GIS metadata (spatial/maps), and sampling data (primarily water quality, hydrology, and weather). Get Started ›

What is the condition of our shorelines? Periodic surveys help inform resource managers in their efforts to restore and maintain vegetated estuary shorelines that support diverse fishery and invertebrate populations. Get Started ›