Join other community members in taking action to protect and restore our water resources.

The Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program has many different opportunities for citizens to make a difference. Please visit the CHNEP website to receive more information about ways you can help. Get Started ›

Learn how you can help CHNEP to enhance and restore self-sustaining oyster habitat and related ecosystem services throughout the area's estuaries, tidal rivers and creeks. Get Started ›

Cape Coral's citizens recognize the canal system's impact on their quality of life and are highly protective of the area's aquatic assets. Citizens' concern for their canals led to the formation of the Cape Coral Canalwatch Volunteer Program in 1995. Get Started ›

The Charlotte Harbor Estuaries Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program (CHEVWQMN) is a region-wide, fixed station, monthly water quality monitoring program, and has been providing reliable water quality data for nearly 20 years. Get Started ›

This citizen volunteer monitoring program was established by the Lee County Hyacinth Control District to educate citizens about proper management of stormwater ponds. Get Started ›

Use this form to report discharges or dumping into lakes, streams, rivers, canals, ditches, stormwater ponds, or even into a manhole, stormdrain or curb inlet in the street. Get Started ›

How have water resources helped to shape Charlotte Harbor's history? How has the Charlotte Harbor watershed changed over time? If you have information to share, please use this form to let us know and Water Atlas staff will contact you. Get Started ›

Submit a document, website, case study, video, or organization for inclusion on the Water Atlas. Get Started ›