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A program of the Lee County Hyacinth Control District

Lee County Hyacinth Control District LogoPond Watch is a citizen volunteer monitoring program established by the Lee County Hyacinth Control District to educate citizens about pond management in stormwater ponds. Homeowners will receive an analysis of the pond and surroundings that relate to conditions that trigger aquatic weed and algae problems. The focus of the program is to identify and manage the source of the nutrient problem and not just the problem itself.

There is no charge for this service, however, the volunteer is expected to bring a water sample from their pond to the District facility every month in order to participate in the program and to understand how using best management practices can improve water quality and reduce excessive weed and algae growth. LCHCD staff provide the sampling containers and instructions on how to take the sample.

Most ponds and lakes in Lee County are artificially created to help control the quality and quantity of the stormwater associated with the pond watershed. As such it is important to determine their pollutant removal efficiency. Stormwater ponds collect pollutants and debris by detaining and slowing the discharge of stormwater to public water bodies. Pond aeration is often a management practice we recommend to address nutrient and low oxygen problems, especially in relatively deep ponds.

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For more information about this program, please contact:

Ernesto Lasso de la Vega,
Pond Watch Coordinator

Lee County Hyacinth Control District
15191 Homestead Road
Lehigh Acres, FL 33971

Phone: (239) 694-2174