Lower Lemon Bay

Lower Lemon Bay, covering 3,828 acres, is a bay situated in Charlotte County, with the associated WBID(s): 1983B.

Lemon Bay extends from South Venice to the Gasparilla Island Causeway. The Bay receives flow from several creeks, including Alligator Creek, Forked Creek, Gottfried Creek, Ainger reek, Oyster Creek, Buck Creek, and Lemon Creek. Lemon Bay is designated as an Aquatic Preserve, an Outstanding Florida Waterway, an EPA Gulf of Mexico Ecological Management Site, a National Estuarine Preserve, and part of the Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership study area. Water from Lemon Bay flushes to Venice Inlets, Stump Pass, Gasparilla Pass, and Charlotte Harbor. Due to high amounts of urban land use, the watershed has been impacted by stormwater runoff, channelization of natural streams, increase of impervious surfaces, and conversion of natural habitat to other land uses. The tributaries to the estuary have also been transformed by ditching for mosquito control and development activities. Shellfish harvesting is conditionally approved in some specific portions of the western half of Lemon Bay, but is prohibited elsewhere.

This waterbody is located within: Lemon Bay Basin

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CHNEP's Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) identified four action plans: water quality improvement; hydrological restoration; fish, wildlife, and habitat improvement; and public engagement. Click on the interactive maps below to view data associated with these goals and actions.

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