Learn More: Volunteering

What does this mean?

Citizen involvement is the force that provides much of the data to the Atlas. There are many ways citizens can become involved in volunteer opportunities to assist in the management and protection of waterbodies and watersheds. They can:

  • Collect water samples for water quality analysis
  • Monitor lake and stream levels
  • Assist local governments and nonprofits with clean-up projects
  • Attend public meetings about water management and policy
  • Communicate to policy makers about their concerns, and
  • Educate friends and neighbors about water issues.

To find out more about local opportunities to positively affect water quality in your area, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on this Water Atlas website.

How are the data collected? (Methods)

These organizations/programs are among those that use volunteers to collect data that are displayed on the Water Atlas websites:

These are some of the volunteer programs sponsored by Water Atlas partners focus on improving water quality and watersheds:


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