Water-Related News

PSC assumes control over Charlotte County water, wastewater services

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) again will regulate the privately-owned utilities in Charlotte County, after acknowledging today the Board of County Commissioners’ February 12 Resolution for jurisdictional transfer.

PSC Chairman Ronald A. Brisé said, “Water and wastewater services to residences and businesses are essential, and, as with all utilities under PSC jurisdiction, we will ensure that Charlotte County utilities provide their customers with safe and reliable services.”

By March 14, all Charlotte County utilities are required to file for a PSC certificate of authorization or be exempt from PSC regulation.

The PSC currently regulates 140 privately-owned water and wastewater utilities in 37 Florida counties and will add four Charlotte County systems. The Board of County Commissioners ceded ratemaking jurisdiction over its water and wastewater utilities to the PSC in 1994 and resumed its jurisdiction in 2007.