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Lee County Health Department sees increase in illnesses from well water

LEE COUNTY – The Florida Department of Health is encouraging residents to have their well systems checked in the wake of an increase in systems found with unsafe levels of germs.

DOH-Lee is receiving an increased number of calls from people who complain of bad tasting water, smelly water, discolored water and sick children. Private home wells are not regulated, so property owners and renters have full responsibility to make sure their tap water is safe.

Environmental Engineering staff is trained to inspect wells and advise residents on how to maintain or improve the safety of a drinking water system. State health department staff has produced a pamphlet to guide the public on how to treat flooded wells and how to disinfect wells that may have been flooded.

Recent heavy rains may have contributed to increased germs in the private well water systems, due to a lack of proper maintenance and leaking seals, said Walther. Rain creates run-off that carries bacteria from animal waste, chemicals or sewage that can seep into poorly maintained well water systems.

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