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Eco-Voice looks to the future: An update

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From Paul Holmes, president and founder of Eco-Voice:

I know many of you reading this receive the Eco-Voice Daily Digest every morning with your e-mails.

In today’s world communication is extremely important. The Daily Digest allows local environmentalists, both as groups and individuals, to communicate with each other. We send out well over 3000 Digests every day and we know that many of them are read by several people, or forwarded to the entire membership of groups interested in a particular topic covered in the Digest. We estimate that the Digest is read on average by about 5000 people every day.

To improve our communications and to give Eco-voice a face, we have recently had the pleasure of welcoming two new members to our team.

Dave Moe will be Eco-Voice’s financial coordinator. He will be searching for new sponsors and encouraging all those concerned with the future of the environment in South Florida to make a donation so that Eco-Voice can continue its extremely important work.

Dave is a resident of Punta Gorda and is currently involved with the Peace River oyster restoration effort. He also serves on the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program and has been helping us at Eco-Voice for some time. Dave can be contacted at Davemoe@eco-voice.org

The other new member of our team, Carol Newcomb Jones, will act as a sustainability coordinator. Carol will be responsible for the daily operation of Eco-Voice’s Daily Digest, Facebook page, and keeping our membership rolls up-to-date.

Carol has been deeply involved with environmental matters in our area for many years and is an environmental educator with expertise in many areas including solar energy education and application, distance learning education and curriculum development, sea turtle monitoring, and red mangrove propagation. Carol can be contacted at CarolNewcomb@Eco-Voice.org

We are currently looking for a membership coordinator to encourage everyone concerned with the environment to subscribe to the Daily Digest, by going to www.Eco-Voice.org and joining our mailing list—of course, it’s free!

We would also like to recognize Lori Beall for her volunteer admin contributions. Paul Holmes, president and founder of Eco-Voice will continue to coordinate our efforts, monitor the Daily Digest and answer your questions.

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Paul Holmes

Founder, Eco-Voice.org