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CHNEP: Help guide the program's future

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The CHNEP held a retreat on Sept. 11 to discuss how to implement the Program's Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, qualities required of the next director (Director Beever has announced her retirement date) and changes that should be made to the current plan.

By characterizing the direction that the Management Conference and the public want to take the CHNEP, a better consideration of CHNEP Director candidates can take place, as well as overall staff workload commitments. The results of this survey will help characterize:

  • CHNEP's existing roles (what makes us great?),
  • all potential future roles (where could we go?),
  • primary future roles (where will we go?) and
  • the most practical ways to get there related to current and potential staff capacity.

We invite everyone with an interest in driving actions that protect the natural environment of southwest Florida to join us. Please invite others you think may have an interest. So that you may consider your responses before following the link to the survey, questions asked are provided as a PDF file for your easy review. Responses received by Oct. 22 will be considered by the CHNEP Policy Committee at their next meeting.

Thank you for helping to protect the natural environment of southwest Florida.