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Oyster restoration important in aiding water quality

Oysters play a much more important role than just being served steamed or raw on some restaurant table, ready to be consumed by a a visitor on vacation.

The importance of oysters in the environment is largely overlooked, but what they provide in water quality, is vital.

That's why the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation is aiming to rebuild the depleted oysters reefs off the shores of Sanibel, an oyster restoration project which now has three sites being built on.

"We are working on three places to rebuild the oyster reefs, and they are located in Tarpon Bay, San Carlos Bay and the third at the southern part of Matlachay Pass," said SCCF Marine Laboratory Director Eric Milbrandt. "Oysters basically grow on anything which is hard, and that includes such things as rip-rap and shells."

The oyster restoration project directed by the SCCF looks to improve the oyster reefs, which were nearly destroyed completely in the Sanibel area.