Water-Related News

Emergency Management Disaster Planning Guides Available at Libraries and Public Buildings

The 2016 Charlotte County Disaster Planning Guide, including the Evacuation zone map, is now available for residents to pick-up at all public libraries and most government offices. This comprehensive guide is filled with life-saving information and includes, ‘Ten Things You Can Do Now to Prepare’. This list helps residents develop a detailed family action plan for any emergency situation.

This handy brochure is designed to cover a vast array of subjects as we enter the 2016 Hurricane season, including: home protection, preparing your family, insurance questions, cleaning up after a storm, generator safety and much more. The Guide shows the evacuation zones by color which helps explain the stop-sign collar program. Over 9,500 of these brightly colored vinyl markers are installed on street-sign posts across the County identifying evacuations zones. In addition to hurricanes, the Disaster Guide covers a number of other hazards that may threaten this area.

Families can obtain valuable information on how to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season by picking up a copy of this free publication today. Should your civic organization, neighborhood association or church like multiple copies delivered, please call Charlotte County Emergency Management at 833-4000 or you can arrange to pick up the books at the Charlotte County Public Safety Building on Airport Road in Punta Gorda.