Water-Related News

Fort Myers Beach town council on board with stormwater facility plan

When faced with a decision of whether to take action on a stormwater facilities plan, the Fort Myers Beach Town Council had little trouble backing the plan during a Monday afternoon workshop at town hall, though there was one member who thought the town still needed to proceed with caution.

Officials from Tetra Tech, the consultant on the project, said the town inherited the system upon incorporation, and that it doesn't provide adequate drainage or flood control, and in some areas it's non-existent.

And while the town has done some work over the years in North Estero and the Basin Based Neighborhood, the entire system is still way behind where it needs to be.

Only 26 percent of the town streets maintained stormwater, and 83 percent of the outfalls are either undersized or non-existent.

With this, and the fact the county is going to insist Fort Myers Beach do the minimum to address the issue at some point, council was asked to decide between two options; do something or nothing.

No action, while it would result in a short-term savings, would be a long-term potential disaster. The costs would be higher due to inflation and the fact the county would ask for funding for the upgrades and handle the flow from the side streets.

And there would still be the flooding.