Water-Related News

After weather delays Charlotte County Water Expansion Pilot Project commences

Completion date now Nov. 27th

The Water Expansion Pilot Project, that will give residents (in the project area off N. Salford) the opportunity to connect to City water services, was previously slated for completion towards the end of this month (October 2016). Due to multiple cases of inclement weather including abnormal high amounts of rain, flooding, a tropical storm and hurricane, the project has been slightly delayed and has a new completion date of November 27th, under normal weather conditions.

Over the next month crews will diligently work to complete remaining tasks which include bacteriological samples, certification from Department of Health, as-built drawings, and final tie-ins.

The City of North Port Utilities appreciates your patience and understanding as we wrap up this exciting project. If you have any questions, please contact North Port Utilities at (941) 240-8000.