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Changing tide on Fort Myers stormwater utility

Some residents and council members don't want a utility fee.

Enthusiasm for the stormwater utility fee is ebbing on Town Council.

During the Dec. 19 town council meeting, two council members vocally disproved of charging a storm water utility fee.

The stormwater utility fee is an assessment paid by residents and businesses, and it is based on the square feet of impervious surface on a property. The average property owner pays $19.98 per month now.

Both Tracey Gore and Joanne Shamp said they believed paying for stormwater projects through ad valorem taxes would be a more fair system to the entire island, as everyone would be contributing into the pot.

Currently, Bay Beach Condominium Association and others with a completely contained stormwater system are granted a credit and do not have to pay the stormwater utility fee since their properties are not technically contributing into the town's system.