Water-Related News

Rainfall deficit prompts Water District advisory

WEST PALM BEACH — A huge reason the brush fire danger has climbed so high is a significant lack of rain in recent months.

In fact, water managers are already talking conservation.

"I don't think that it's a bad idea to just conserve all the time," said Vicki Wagner, who lives near West Palm Beach.

Wagner said she has set her sprinklers to run just two nights a week, all year long.

"I think twice a week is enough," said Wagner.

Music to the ears of South Florida’s water managers, who just issued an advisory encouraging residents to start being more water-wise.

"We've been extremely dry, and this started with the record low rainfall in November,” said Randy Smith, spokesman for the South Florida Water Management District.

“And (the dry spell) has been continuous, which is pretty unusual," said Smith.