Water-Related News

Watering rules extended to unincorporated Lee

LEE COUNTY – As the dry spell in Southwest Florida continues, the call to conserve water has expanded from Cape Coral to all of unincorporated Lee County.

The situation has been ongoing in Cape Coral, where city officials have been pleading with residents to follow the watering schedule because the freshwater canals keep getting lower with no relief in sight.

Lee County officials issued a warning to residents in unincorporated parts of the county: Conserve water or face fines.

"Right now. we have abnormally dry conditions; we want everyone to do their part and conserve where they can."

Especially with outdoor watering, with residents being asked to only water two days a week.

"We have had declining ground water levels the last several months because of the dry conditions and right now."

Breaking the rules could mean a fine ranging from $25 to $500.

"I didn't even realize the county wanted us to do that or even why," said Morgan Engles.