Water-Related News

Lee County reminds residents and visitors to conserve water

As seasonally dry conditions continue in Lee County, residents and visitors are urged to conserve water where they can and to limit lawn irrigation in accordance with the Lee County year-round water conservation ordinance. The ordinance must be followed, regardless of a home or business’ water source. Conserving now, during the dry season, will help protect declining groundwater levels throughout the county.

Groundwater conditions should improve with the onset of the wet season, which normally commences in June. However, the increase in usage brought about by the drier than normal conditions and the increased seasonal population makes spring a critical time to cut back any unnecessary use. While it is important to conserve year-round, reducing usage now is vital to protect the resource.

All residents are urged to abide by local ordinances that restrict lawn irrigation. Lawn irrigation can account for 50 percent of household use. While the Lee County ordinance applies to those in unincorporated Lee County, a comprehensive list of local rules can be found at www.sfwmd.gov/mywateringdays.

All local ordinances have provisions for enforcement of ordinance violations; they vary by community. People in unincorporated Lee County who irrigate outside the permissible days and hours can receive a warning on a first offense and fines following a warning.

Lee County is coordinating with the regional water resource authority, the South Florida Water Management District, to monitor conditions. In the event that a water shortage is declared for Lee County or other areas in Southwest Florida, the South Florida Water Management District will provide notice of any associated mandatory water use restrictions.