Water-Related News

Cape Coral wants to build reservoir costing as much as $38 million

Cape Coral is exploring buying 1,000 acres in the northeast part of the city and southern Charlotte County to create a reservoir costing as much as $38 million.

The idea is being considered while the city is going through a historic drought that is drying up the city's 400 miles of canals.

"It's a simple concept of gathering water during the wet season, storing it and then releasing it during the dry season," Public Utilities Director Jeff Pearson said. "And it would take this environmental liability into an environmental asset."

Water used from the reservoir would act as a boost to the city's canals and irrigation water system. It would not be used for drinking – also known as potable – water.

"It would provide about 12.5 million gallons per day for 120 days," Pearson said.

The irrigation system – which provides water for residents' lawns, city medians and other purposes – can see more than 30 million gallons drawn from the canals in a given day. Such a reservoir would be able to significantly increase the canal's supply during the dry season. When rain is hard to come by, the city's canals can dry up swiftly.