Water-Related News

Big Hickory water towers in Bonita Springs might be demolished

People spending a day in the sun at Lover’s Key State Park or a quick stop up to Fort Myers Beach know the old water tower along Estero Boulevard.

Built years ago, the tower helped Bonita Springs Utilities bring thousands of residents water.

Now, the tower sits empty.

“During our meetings, we were talking about other venues to continue with the Mural Project, and one suggestion was the water tower,” said Nigel Fullick, chair of the Bonita Springs Art in Public Places Advisory Board. “But, looking at the size and scope of what’s required to maintain it, it wouldn’t really make sense. The upkeep would be thousands of dollars. I don’t think the city wants to get involved with that.”

Peter O’Flinn, a city councilor and liaison to the Art in Public Places board, agreed that the tower isn’t the prettiest object on the beach.

“For the people particularly in high rises in Bonita Bay and Pelican Landing, they have a really nice view looking into the Gulf,” he said. “I’m not sure that water tower adds much. Big Hickory Island is a beautiful setting. If BSU wants to take it down, I’m not against that.”

The old water tower remains under BSU control, but that ownership will not likely last another year, Executive Director John Jenkins said.