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Pipeline to Nowhere? Cape Coral, Fort Myers at impasse over water pipeline

Fort Myers dumps about anywhere from 6 million to 11 million gallons of treated wastewater effluent into the Caloosahatchee River every day. Cape Coral faces a drought that has laid its canals low and could lead to mandatory water use cuts. So why not send some of those millions of gallons from Fort Myers to Cape Coral?

It’s a thought both cities have contemplated for more than six years. A pipeline between the two cities – known as the Fort Myers-Cape Coral Reuse Interconnect Pipeline – would solve several problems.

It would help eliminate Fort Myers’ dumping its treated effluent into the river, a goal Fort Myers City Manager Saeed Kazemi said he wants to accomplish in the next five years. It would give Cape Coral extra water to alleviate its water shortages in dry months in the near term and provide more water for its future growth when it is built out to more than 400,000 people.