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$75 million of ‘Star Trek’ technology to transform Lee drinking water

The Green Meadows Water Treatment Plant, with Star Trek-like technology, will go online in August, 2018. It will provide water for 20,000 Lee County homes.

Watching Star Trek growing up in Fort Myers, Mikes Maillakakis gravitated not to Captain Kirk nor Mr. Spock.

“Captain Kirk was doing this, and Mr. Spock was doing that, but whenever there was a jam, who did they call? Scotty,” Maillakakis said.

Like the Star Trek character, Maillakakis became an engineer.

Just as Captain Kirk often summoned Scotty, Lee County has called upon Maillakakis to help in a role that will impact about 20,000 Lee County households – about 50,000 people – and how they receive their drinking water beginning August 2018.