Water-Related News

Cape Coral water ban averages 100-plus violations a day

Since Jan. 1, the city has issued 8,062 violations, the majority, 7,302, of them first violations, Barron said. The first violation is a warning. A second violation carries a $100 fine; and a third violation carries a $200 fine. A fourth violation, and any subsequent violations, carries a $400 fine, and the city can disconnect them from the system.

One community has pressed the far limits of Cape Coral's water restrictions, racking up four violations costing it a total of $700 to keep their lawns lush and green.

Public Affairs Manager Connie Barron said the Coral Lakes community, which has its own irrigation system, is the violator. Rich Carr, code compliance manager, said workers observed the violations in the common areas of the property outside the gate at 1500 Coral Lakes Blvd., near Del Prado. The property includes more than 700 homes spread over 370 acres, its website indicates.

Another 868 city residents have tested the restrictions, receiving from a warning to a third violation notice. For private homeowners, the city can disconnect them from the municipal irrigation system upon their fourth violation.

"We're seeing a consistent number of violations," Carr said. "A lot of firsts, not a lot of seconds and thirds. Most people when they get the warning, they do comply."