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Fort Myers spends $250K for drain inspections

FORT MYERS, Fla. -NBC2 is tracking your tax dollars as the City of Fort Myers prepares to spend a quarter of a million dollars to better inspect drain pipes.

The new Ford F-550 television digital universal camera inspection truck from Cues, Inc. features a small rover with a mounted camera.

The rover is driven deep into drain pipes to find any obstructions blocking the flow of water. Pipe investigations are completed to identify problems that could include, blockages to pipe, pipe defects and pipe preventative maintenance.

According to city documents, the outdated current truck was purchased back in 2002 and has more than $37,000 in repair costs. Making matters worse is parts are difficult to purchase for repairs.

City leaders would like to use a single source procurement to purchase the truck for $249,990 from Cues, Inc.