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Cape Coral canal levels finally see some relief

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - After the recent rain, canal levels in Cape Coral are back over one billion gallons, but city records show that's still less than half the amount of water the city had a year ago. "There's a lot more action down in the water," said Fort Myers resident Dalton Outlaw. The calm after the recent storms is unveiling a dramatic change in the canal levels. "They look a lot better," Outlaw said. "They are way higher than what they were, like up to five feet higher, I'd say." Outlaw says this past winter, water barely covered the bottom of many canals. "You didn't even see these little bait fish everywhere, it was deserted," Outlaw said. According to city records, the canals which supply irrigation water dropped dramatically from almost 1.5 billion gallons in January to just about 670 million gallons in April.