Water-Related News

Burnt Store Isles perimeter channel dredge project update (7/25)

The City of Punta Gorda contractor, Brance Diversified, continues the maintenance dredging of the perimeter channel in the Burnt Store Isles subdivision (work will occur seven days a week as weather and equipment operation permit). The hydraulic dredge is in the vicinity of 595 Macedonia Drive and will progress north along the perimeter channel. A second dredge will begin dredging adjacent to 600-606 Zafra Court and will progress north to the completion point at Terin Court. Boaters should expect navigational delays and need to exercise caution in the vicinity of the work and may contact the company workers through channel 78 on the VHF radio. The hydraulic dredge adjacent to Macedonia Drive will be located in the perimeter channel and will have up to 4,000 feet of 12 inch discharge pipe leading to the spoil locations. The second barge will be a mechanical dredge (barge mounted excavator) that will be relocating the spoil material from the sides of the channel to the deeper center or to areas deeper than 6 feet below mean low water. The spoil will be discharged directly into the canal system as required by the State/Federal permits.

The current spoil location is the basin between Macedonia Drive and San Massimo Drive which is surrounded by turbidity screens. Boaters should contact Joost Derijk (952-999-3122), Bryant Smith (352-283-5882), or Seth Mayhall (337-793-6740) to schedule their exit and reentry through the work area.

Residents shall not direct the dredge work in any way. For additional information on this project, please contact City Project Manager, Gary Disher, Punta Gorda Public Works Department at (941) 575-5021 between the business hours of 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday.