Water-Related News

Captiva Plan, wastewater, Captiva Drive still under discussion

The final touches to the Captiva Plan are underway. According to David Mintz, vice president of the Captiva Community Panel, the panel is finishing the plan which started in 2014.

"The plan still has to go through the LPA (Local Planning Agency) process, then it gets sent up to the state the county commissioners for their approval," Mintz said.

For the Captiva Community Plan, the panel added back in the land use regulations language which includes preserving the shoreline and its natural habitats, enhancing water quality, encouraging the use of native vegetation, maintaining the mangrove fringe, limiting noise, light, water and air pollution and enforcing the standards that maintain one and two story building heights and the historic low-density development pattern of Captiva.

On Policy 13.1.1, the panel put back in the language which says the plan will protect mangroves to the greatest extent possible. On 13.1.2, which concerns Blind Pass, maintains it to remain an open Blind Pass.