Water-Related News

Fort Myers will host meeting to address toxic sludge concerns

The extent of contamination on South Street will soon be released in a meeting, and advocates for change want everyone to attend.

Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., engineers working for the city will offer details into what was found in the decades-old sludge.

"The problem is the sludge is still there. Fix the sludge 'cause you know there is a problem," Charles Dailey of Lee County said.

Dailey was one of the hundreds who marched for social and racial justice in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He understands there is power in numbers. "Even though turnout is fine, you still have to solve the problem. It doesn't take the masses to solve the problem," Dailey said.

The afternoon workshop won't be easy on schedules and some argue it's the toughest part of mobilizing.

"A lot of folks have to be at work, so that's going to impede their efforts unless it's so late that people can be present," said Dr. Shirley Chapman, VP of the Lee County NAACP.

Public comment is limited to only the council meeting later in the evening where another sludge issue is brewing.

"There's so many questions and concerns about how much and what if," said Emanuele DiMare of Barclay's Real Estate Group.

Once again on the agenda is 3333 South Street, a parcel of land owned by the city, directly across from the sludge. Land they hope a developer will turn into housing.

"Allowing another entity or organization to assume that property is just working backwards," DiMare said.

City council will host their regular meeting at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in city hall chambers.