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Lee County community planning visioning workshop for San Carlos Island scheduled

Lee County is holding a visioning workshop for residents and businesses of San Carlos Island. The public workshop will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 10, at the AMI Kids Southwest Florida, 1190 Main St., Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931.

The visioning workshop is to define and update the community planning goals for San Carlos Island within the Lee Plan as the county looks to the year 2040.

At the workshop, Lee County Community Development staff will begin by providing an overview of basic background information relevant to the Lee Plan, the community plans and the visioning event. After the short informational segment, guided group discussions will help to identify future opportunities and constraints on San Carlos Island. The workshop is scheduled to last until noon. Interested individuals are encouraged to arrive at 10 a.m. and stay until the workshop is finished.

A community plan is a goal in the Lee Plan specific to a defined area of the county where long-term objectives of the community, and policies to meet these objectives, are identified. There are 17 distinct community planning areas identified in the Lee Plan.

The Lee Plan requires certain day-to-day public and private activities within each jurisdiction and must be consistent with the goals, objectives and policies in the adopted plan. It is a source of authority for the local government's land development regulations and for an array of official discretionary actions including but not limited to the capital improvement program. The Lee Plan represents the community's vision of what it will or should look like by the end of the planning horizon.

The purpose of community plans is to address specific conditions unique to a defined area of the county. Conditions may be physical, architectural, historical, environmental, or economic in nature. All amendments will move though the normal process required to amend the Lee Plan with opportunities for public input – one hearing with the Local Planning Agency and two hearings with the Board of County Commissioners (transmittal and adoption).