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Scientists: Fort Myers, Naples on par with global sea level rise

Southwest Florida is on par with global averages when it comes to sea level rise, which is a good thing because it gives planners, government agencies and the public some time to prepare for the impacts.

That was one point expressed by a group of scientists who gave a presentation in Estero this week.

"Many locations on the east coast and Gulf coast of the United States have rates of rising sea level that are higher than the global average," said Astrid Caldas, a sea level expert working with the Union of Concerned Scientists. "Louisiana and Virginia are way up there. They're going to have a lot of water coming to their doors."

Caldas and others spoke in front of nearly 100 people at the South County Regional Library.

"Hillsborough and Lee counties are actually projected to be pretty much up to pace with global sea level rise," Caldas told the crowd. "And that's a good thing. However, in 2030, the projection of sea level rise is about 5 inches."

Climate change will force Florida’s local governments to act

Caldas and others completed a report for the Unions of Concerned Scientists that shows sea level rise over time, through 2100.