Water-Related News

City of Cape Coral says residents’ conservation efforts are keeping canal levels stable

Cape Coral residents are doing their part in conserving the city’s water resources during this year’s dry season. As the city approaches the peak months of the dry season, the supply of irrigation water is much improved from this time last year. The city’s freshwater canal system has about 1.75 billion gallons of water, which is about 60 billion gallons more than 2017. These canals along with the City’s reclaimed water system supply water to residents for irrigating their lawns.

“Overall demand has decreased, and our residents are doing an excellent job conserving our limited water supply,” said City Manager John Szerlag. “The community has stepped up, and if we continue to work together, there should be no need for tighter watering restrictions.”

Last year, drought conditions and overuse of the water supply forced the City to declare a water emergency and impose a one-day watering schedule.

Another byproduct of residents following the watering schedule has been a significant reduction in the number of watering citations issued this season. In January, Code Compliance issued 467 watering citations compared to 1,243 citations in 2017.”

“We have a few months before rainy season arrives, which means we must continue to follow the watering schedule,” added Szerlag. “With our residents’ help, we can get through the dry season with healthy lawns and stable canal levels.”

The two-day watering schedule applies to all residents whether they use the City’s dual-water system or private wells for irrigation. The watering days and hours depend on the last number of the home address.