Water-Related News

Green algae bloom affecting city's water supply

No danger to humans or pets

PUNTA GORDA – The City of Punta Gorda Utilities Department reports that the Shell Creek Reservoir, the source of drinking water for City residents, is experiencing a bloom of green algae due to the dry weather conditions. The algae, present in the water sampled from Shell Creek Reservoir, and is nontoxic to humans or animals.

“Staff is working to treat water at the plant as well as killing the existing algae in the reservoir itself,” said Utilities Department Director Tom Jackson. “This condition is expected to improve within the next couple of days and perhaps sooner if the area experiences significant rainfall.”

The City’s water treatment system removes the algae leaving the City’s water safe to drink, however, it may still have an unusual taste or odor. Department officials stress that the algae is not a health threat.

Please direct questions to the City's utilities department at (941) 575-5088.