Water-Related News

Cape Coral is cracking down on water restriction violators

CAPE CORAL – The city of Cape Coral is cracking down on residents not following the watering restrictions.

Long before the sun is up, Dave Foley is up looking for violators.

“People have to understand they cannot water anytime they want to," Foley an officer for Cape Coral Code Compliance said.

A mandatory two-day watering schedule is in place. Watering days and hours depend on the last number of an address.

“He’s supposed to water on Thursdays and Sundays," Foley said.

People caught watering on a wrong day get a violation.

“First one’s free, then it goes $100, then it goes $200, $400 and then we shut your water off," Foley said.

Foley says he's passing out about 15 citations a day.