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Why Cape Coral is turning down the water pressure

CAPE CORAL – The City of Cape Coral is turning down the water pressure for irrigation systems through the rest of dry season.

The purpose is to save water that comes from the city's water plans and canals by keeping people from overusing water for their sprinkler systems.

More than 900 purple fire hydrants around the city use that reclaimed water, which is why firefighters said this could be a challenge.

They said they might have to start shifting the pressure of other purple hydrants to the one closest to a big fire, in emergency situations.

"The effect that citizens would see if we did need to use a purple hydrant is that somebody else in the city would see a greater decrease in pressure until we were able to get the fire under control. And then they would level out the pressure," said Andrea Schuch, Cape Coral Fire Department public information officer.

People can expect their irrigation water pressure to remain low for the next four to six weeks.

A year-round water restriction is being enforced in the Cape. You can only run your sprinklers twice a week for four hours each time from the hours of midnight-8 a.m.

If conditions get worse, the city would cut it to one day a week.