Water-Related News

Bonita Springs officials want to improve city's water quality

The City of Bonita Springs is looking for ways to prevent future flooding in the event of a hurricane.

On Wednesday, the city council drafted a letter to the South Florida Water Management District, requesting $200,000 for the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program to conduct a study.

“We are working right now with dealing with the post-Irma flooding situations and water quality problems that we see throughout our community," said Jennifer Hecker, the Executive Director of the CHNEP.

"We need some additional information.”

One of the topics that the city wants to be handled is the issue of water quality.

Red tide blooms along the coast have caused problems in the past, and they hope that this study can look into the issue of water quality.

They hope to prevent or minimize the red tide problem.

“The water moves up towards Sanibel all the way down towards Marco," said Mike Parsons, Professor of Marine Science at FGCU, "so the currents and the winds are really driving the red tide, and it is getting nutrients indirectly from our coastal waters.”