Water-Related News

Cape Coral to conduct sanitary sewer system smoke test starting July 30th

Area 1 (North of Cape Coral Parkway)
Area 2 (Coral Drive/South of Bimini Basin)

Wednesday, August 1 in parts of southeast Cape Coral. The work is being done by USSI. Non-toxic smoke will be forced into the sanitary sewer lines to identify any breaks and defects within the City’s sewer system.

The following areas will be affected (please see the attached maps): The area bounded by the Singapore Canal to the north, Coronado Parkway to the east, Cape Coral Parkway East to the south, and the Rubicon Canal to the west. The Coral Drive neighborhood and several streets north to the Bimini Basin also will be affected.

Residents will see smoke exit rooftop vent pipes on houses and commercial businesses. Smoke also will be seen exiting manholes in these areas. This smoke is not a fire hazard and does not leave a residue. Smoke will not enter a home or business unless there is defective plumbing present or the drain traps are dry. To prevent smoke from entering a home or business, please run water for a few seconds at each plumbing fixture such as sinks, tubs, and showers to ensure the traps are full of water. The affected residences/businesses will be notified via door hangers 24-48 hours before smoke testing begins.

For questions, please contact USSI by calling (888) 645-9570.