Water-Related News

Cape Coral passes motion to request air quality testing for toxins

The City of Cape Coral passed a motion Monday to send a letter to the Department of Health and the DEP requesting air quality tests.

The City hopes to answer a question that many have been asking: how safe is the air you breathe?

Blue-green algae has overwhelmed Cape Coral neighbors for months, and now people are worried about health impact of the water crisis.

While Sally Mullins says her Cape Coral canal is looking normal again, she was living with blue-green algae for months, and she says the smell was unbearable.

“Sore throat, we had vomiting, diarrhea, everything,” Mullins said.

And while cleanup efforts helped to clear up their water, she still has one question.

“I would love to know what we were breathing and what it was doing to our bodies.”

Cape Council Member Jessica Cosden agrees.

“Clearly there’s something in the air,” Cosden said.

Which is why she asked city staff what Cape Coral can do.