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‘Bubble Curtain’ is latest attempt to prevent algae from entering canals in Cape Coral

A new test to fight Cape Coral’s algae began Monday, and this one is a little different than previous ones.

A bubble curtain will be stretched across a canal just north of the Cape Coral bridge; the devices is more than 200 feet long.

“When the curtain’s up, anything that’s floating down the river whether it’s trash, whether it’s cut grass clippings… anything that’s coming down the river you’re going to see it being diverted by the system,” said Robbin Huffines of Vertex Water Features.

The goal of the bubble curtain is to stop blue green algae from clogging up the canal.

Cape Coral is testing several ways to fight the algae, and just last month they installed booms in other areas around the city, like the Palaco Grande Canal.