Water-Related News

Flood insurance rate maps to be revised

The information below specifically relates to properties located within unincorporated Lee County only (properties that are not located within a city limit).

FEMA has issued new Flood Insurance Rate Maps along the Ten Mile Canal that will become effective on Dec. 7, 2018.

Only 17 map panels (out of 155) in Unincorporated Lee County have been revised as part of this particular map change.

The new maps more accurately assess flood risk along the canal than the existing maps (which were effective in 2008). These revisions are not directly related to Hurricane Irma. However, a Lee County consultant validated the accuracy of the proposed maps using the rainfall volumes and velocities from the two 2017 rain events that caused flooding along the canal.

These flood map effects vary by location, but fall into three general categories:

  • Those who were not previously in need of flood insurance may now need it.
  • Those who already have flood insurance may see rate increases.
  • Those who now have stricter engineering building requirements may have those engineering restrictions loosened (related to a building permit).

Information about flood insurance premium rates must be obtained from an insurance agent. Lee County encourages you to contact your insurance agent or mortgage lender as well with any additional questions.

For more details and to find out IF the December 7, 2018 map changes affect you, go to www.leegov.com/dcd/mapchanges.