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Treatment rids Cabot Canal in Cape Coral of blue-green algae

As the sun sets in southeast Cape Coral, it appears for most homeowners that blue-green algae is a thing of the past.

That’s good news for Barbara Kozma.

“Oh the smell was really bad,” Kozma said. “We didn’t even want to be outside.”

Kozma lives on the Cabot Canal near the Midpoint Memorial Bridge. It looks like 10 weeks of bacteria treatment effectively cleared up the once nasty, thick blue-green algae.

“We’ve lived here for 10 years,” Kozma said. “We’ve never seen anything like what we had.”

In an email to Cape Coral’s mayor, Ecological Laboratories said they have seen improvements in water quality and clarity thanks to their treatment.

From when the treatment started to now, they can see 6 inches further into the water.