Water-Related News

Lee County officials vow water quality diligence

As local water quality issues have seemed to slow, county officials are not taking their foot off the gas when it comes to mitigation efforts in Lee County.

The Horizon Council met last Friday morning at Hodges University for a general membership meeting and a Lee County Water Quality Panel Discussion, highlighted by Lee County Manager, Roger Desjarlais; Lee County Natural Resource Director, Roland Ottolini and Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau Director, Tamara Pigott.

The Horizon Council is a public-private board to advise the Lee County Board of Commissioners on economic development issues.

"We're in that time of year where the blue-green algae has mostly dissipated - cooler temperatures, cooler water - makes for a much better environment," said Desjarlais. "The red tide is off-shore right now. Prevailing winds are now more easterly than they were. The beaches look great, the river looks great, but, we have to remember that it could be back next year."

The county officials broke down their efforts on continuing to mitigate these water-quality issues in the forms of public education, projects and regulation.

Public education includes fertilizer ordinances, pet waste education, maintained septic tanks and source control cost-effective approach.