Water-Related News

Cape Coral, Fort Myers seek funds in the name of saving our water

Worried about environmental threats to the region's water resources and its impact on the economy and Southwest Florida lifestyle, local leaders pressed members of Lee County's legislative delegation Tuesday for state help with safeguards.

In a couple of cases, the lawmakers heard requests for state help paying for water projects that local governments have already earmarked for funding. If successful in getting state help for water initiatives, local governments would have more cash available for undertakings lacking the popular appeal of water quality.

Six members of the region's delegation to the state Legislature held their annual public meeting at Florida SouthWestern State College to listen to representatives of governmental bodies, public service organizations and individuals make pitches for legislation and more state funding.

Money for water projects led most local government requests. Lee County delivered its pitch in a brief but pointed presentation.

Assistant County Manager Glen Salyer called for state help with work to improve flood control in the East Mulloch Water Control District. The region was hard-hit by flooding after the heavy rains of August 2017 followed by Hurricane Irma. The county has spent $4 million on water projects in the Mulloch district since the hurricane, with more work needed.