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Many unaware of the Lee County fertilizer regulations

Many residents are not aware of the fertilizer regulations in Lee County that were put in place over a decade ago to protect the environment.

Debbie Yamin has lived in Florida since 2005 and since her first day, she has used fertilizer to get what she calls, the perfect green lawn.

“Either it’s pure weeds or no grass,” Yamin said. “Plus, were in association and they send you a letter saying fix your grass.”

What Yamin did not know is that Lee County has a fertilizer ordinance in place for 10 years, which bans the chemicals from June to October. She is not alone. Commissioner Brian Hamman told WINK News it is critical that Lee County does a better job of educating the public about the ordinance.

“We are trying to keep fertilizer from going into the waterways, especially during the rainy season,” Hamman said.

Florida Gulf Coast University Scientist Serge Thomas said all the rain in the summer causes a lot of runoff that pushes the nutrients into the waterways. It creates a troubling result, Serge said.