Water-Related News

Stormwater fee in Bonita Springs closer to approval

A proposed fee meant to fund the stormwater systems in Bonita Springs is moving closer to final approval this summer.

The fee, which could charge up to $50 per single-family residence and $20 per condo, could create a stable and continuous funding source for the city’s stormwater system, according to engineering firm Stantec.

In recent years parts of Bonita Springs, particularly neighborhoods near the Imperial River, have flooded after heavy rain storms and Hurricane Irma. The City Council has made lowering flood risk in Bonita Springs a policy priority.

The city hired Stantec to figure out how a stormwater fee could be implemented in Bonita Springs.

“The problem is, as the system ages, repair and replacement costs continue to rise, and the city is simply looking at a (stormwater utility fee) that could possibly fund a portion or all of the city’s stormwater expenses,” Stantec engineer Tim Hancock said at a public meeting.