Water-Related News

First samples collected in water project

The first water samples were collected Saturday for the "What's in the Water" project, which will study any non-point source pollution coming from Fort Myers Beach and going into the Gulf of Mexico and Estero Bay.

Mound House Education Coordinator Penny Jarrett said the dry season baseline data water quality testing, which took place Saturday, May 18, went remarkably well. Approximately 50 volunteers, as well as Vester Marine & Environmental Science Research Field Station Director Dr. Michael Parsons and his Florida Gulf Coast University students donated their time by scooping up water in vials at 44 sites on the bay and gulf side of Fort Myers Beach, as well as manned the drop off locations.

"People were really wonderfully cooperative," she said adding that 46 sites were to be tested. "We got samples back from 44 (sites). People dropped them off at one of the three drop off locations."

By 11:30 a.m. Saturday all of the samples were brought to the Mound House.

"This is really the initial, baseline data of what the water is like at the dry season. We will repeat it again in September/October and every six months or so and identify where there are areas that need to be examined more thoroughly for potential greater nutrient levels," Jarrett said.