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Cape explores seawall assessment

Renee Schihl has lived in the same Cape Coral home for 27 years and says for all that time, she has had issues with her storm drain and seawall.

For the past several weeks, Schihl has addressed her complaints during Cape Coral City Council meetings, asking for the city to repair the damage.

While the city has not done so, her insistence has, perhaps, created an opening for the city to explore a seawall assessment for those who may not have the tens of thousands necessary to fix walls that collapse.

Cape Coral has more than 400 miles of canals. Seawalls are required and currently, maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the property owners.

As many learned in the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017, insurance typically doesn not cover seawall damage, which can run as high as $50,000 -- or more -- for complete replacement.